10-06-10 HighQuest Daniel 2:1-24

October 23, 2010

The passage I read was Daniel 2:1-24
You can find the passage here:

My summary of the passage is this:
A king has a dream that troubles him and he calls for astrologers, magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, fortune tellers and the like to come and interpret the dream. But the king isn’t a total and complete fool. He knows how the system works. All the people that came to interpret his dream are most likely just there for a reward and they will listen to the dream and then give a wordy interpretation that will either confuse the king or sound good enough to believe/buy. So the king keeps telling them he’s gunna kill em if they can’t interpret the dream and they keep saying, “well tell us”, right? So the king calls them out and says they have to tell him the dream before he will let them interpret it. Well of course none of them know the dream and they say what he asks is impossible. He gets mad and puts out the order to kill all the supposed wise men of the town right. But when word of the guy in charge of killing gets to Daniel, he’s all like, “wait a minute. What’s goin on?” right? So the guy tells him why he has to kill all the wise men. Danny boy says hold up and he goes to talk to the king. He ask for time as too ponder on this untold dream. He goes back home and tells his wise friends to pray and that same night the Lord revealed the dream and it’s meaning to Daniel. So Daniel praised God for giving him the dream and revealing the mystery about it and the next day he went and said to call off the execution because he could interpret the dream.
As I reflect:
Here we see again the foolishness of those who think they can have wisdom without God… They err even unto the point of death too often to gain worldly wealth. And the opposing view: the man of God who seeks first the Lord, knowing that all things follow this. He wisely shares the information of a struggle with his friends (an accountability circle of fellowship if you will). They are also devoted to the same God and thus they without hesitation do what he has asked of them and they spend time on their knees to help a friend. Only during his time with God, was Daniel given the answer he sought. So it is with us also. Too often we go to the wrong sources to seek the answers to our problems. God should be the first person we turn to, not the last. Upon coming to the Lord in faith and humbly asking Him for the answers (be it that you ask of proper motivation that is) you can receive the understanding and wisdom that He has for you. Go to the source and trust in God to move mountains in your life.
My response to the Lord:
Holy Father who is great and greatly to be praised, May I never seek wisdom and understanding without coming to you. You are worthy of praise and worship for you alone know the answers to all of life’s mysteries. You alone know what tomorrow brings. You are all knowing and all powerful, here in the beginning and the end. I will never find a higher power than you. May I remember all of my days to seek first your kingdom and to come to you first in all matters. Thank you Father for saving me. Thank you for your mercy that is new every day. May I never be deceived by those that claim to be wise and yet know not my Savior, the giver of life. To you all glory. In Jesus Name.


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