10-06-10 HighQuest Job 28:12-28

October 23, 2010

The passage I read was Job 28:12-28
You can find that passage here:

My summary of the passage is this:
You cannot find wisdom. It cannot be bought. It is worth more than silver & gold, and any other precious stones. It can’t be seen with the eye. Only God knows the way to wisdom and He tells us it is through respecting Him and turning from sin. He says it is through a reverent fear of the Lord that we can get wisdom, and that if we shun (turn away from) evil we can have understanding.
As I reflect:
There is no wise man that doesn’t fear the Lord (though many unsaved have thought that they showed wisdom in that they have accrued great physical wealth). I say they have sold their soul and showed a great lack of wisdom as well as a lack of understanding in searching out the earth to gain what can only be gotten in the Lord. It is the humble, the servants that kneel at the feet of the King of Glory which can understand and gain wisdom. True wisdom comes only from the Lord… Where else could one go? Turn away from sin and turn to the giver of all good things.
My response to the Lord:
“Oh Most Holy Father, I am unworthy to approach your throne. Humbly I bow before your majesty and thank your Holy Spirit for delivering my voice to you and your message to me. I cannot repay the debt that your Son took from me on the cross. But Lord, I ask that you would through your Holy Spirit please use my life for your glory to further your kingdom. Apart from you, I know nothing… I am nothing without you. Father work in me and through me that you would be glorified. In Jesus name. “


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