10-14-10 HighQuest Gen 18:20-33

October 23, 2010

The passage I read was Gen 18:20-33
You can find that passage here:

My summary of the passage is this:
God tells Abraham that he is going to destroy the city of Sodom. Abraham pleads with God for the sake of the righteous in the town. Saying “what if there are just 50 righteous people?” And God says that he won’t destroy the city if there are just 50 righteous people in it. Then Abraham speaks to the Lord again asking what if it was just 40 righteous people or 30…. So forth and so on Abraham tries the patience of his God until he has requested the city be saved if even 10 righteous people are in it, and God agreed.

As I reflect:
I had a hard time reflecting on this particular passage as it didn’t seem to have any life application at first. Then I realized I have more tools available to me than they did back then. So I looked at a couple commentaries online to get a better understanding of the significance of this passage and how it related to me. I was surprised at just how relevant it became after further research. In one commentary, Abraham was compared to Christ in that they both had compassion on someone that was undeserving and they both acted as an intercessor for those people (as Christ still does for us to this day through his Holy Spirit). I have to admit, that’s rather impressive. I wonder if I would have so much compassion on a city like Sodom. You see, I struggle with judgment. Not a righteous judgment either. I am often putting myself in the seat that only the Lord should occupy and from that place I make hasty finger pointings far too often presuming I’m better than those on the other end of the finger… It’s a horrible sin and it’s being worked out by the Holy Spirit and my willingness and desire to be changed. Here is a situation that I know I would fail in. I would most likely see a city like Sodom (we have many of them here in the US and across the world these days) and be almost vengeful or happy that the Lord was finally going to clean up this place by destroying all the evil. After reading this however, I am turned back from that thought. I am reminded that God is just… yes. But, He is also compassionate and I as a Christian am to reflect this nature in my life as well. Besides, If my goal is to be used in leading people to the cross, how much better a tool would I be if used in compassion rather than judgment?

My response to the Lord:
Holy Lord, you are my Provider and Protector. How undeserving a sinful man am I. I am a wretched man who far too often does the things I do not want to do, and fails to do the things I ought to. Yet, you have saved me from the penalty of death and eternal separation from you at the price of your Son’s blood on the cross. I now wear that blood Father. I know the price that was paid for me and I know that a great deal of your grace and mercy has covered me whole providing the only way I could ever have been forgiven and adopted by you. Please Father work in me that same mercy and grace that I may have compassion on others as you have had on me. I am but a humble servant that you have called friend. May I reflect the character that you have shown me and always be mindful that the judgment seat is forever yours.


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