10-28-10 HighQuest Psalm 79:1-13

October 30, 2010

The passage I read was Psalm 79:1-13
You can find that passage here:

My summary of the passage is this:
God has allowed the Israelites to reap what they sowed and now they are broken and calling out for forgiveness. They are pleading with God and trying to reason with him to forgive them and protect his reputation by stopping and punishing all of Israel’s enemies that are attacking them. They know that they’ve done wrong, but are asking the Lord to pardon them. They say that they will then praise God forever.
As I reflect:
Well, I can’t say that I am currently under attack from surrounding nations for my sins against God and for not heading His warnings that were given many times before allowing everyone to attack me. I have however been there. I have been given over to my sin before. I remember what it felt like to be pulled by Satan the direction of the flesh, while the Holy Spirit whispers in the ear to turn and walk in the light. I have also been neck deep in the muck and mire of Godlessness before as a result of my own sins past, and I know what it is like to reap what is sown…Though, not in full for I would surely have died many times by now if so.
In this passage what stood out to me most was that the people of Israel didn’t just cry out, “SAVE ME!!!” or “HELP!!” or “STOP LETTING THEM KILL US!!”. No, they instead reasoned with God. I know that Asaph was a choirmaster and poet of David’s time and all poets certainly have the ability to mold words. But I don’t believe that’s what Asaph was doing. I believe when he wrote this, he very clearly was displaying the accountability of God’s children as well as the pre notion that God can be reasoned with and will forgive His children if their heart is truly repentant.
I also noticed that God’s people pulled on a string of pride or sovereignty when they told the Lord not to let others make fun of Him by attacking his helpless children. That was interesting. I think I’d be too afraid to make such a bold statement even in calling out for the salvation of my God. It almost seems like an attempt at manipulation of the all knowing Creator. Lol – not likely to happen. It may very well show not the state of their heart in approach to God as much as their fear from attack by enemies and desperation for Salvation from the only one who can save in such a circumstance. May we all be so desperate for God in our lives daily that we should call out for His holy presence to forgive us and guide us in His ways. May we not turn so far away from Him that only devastation can bring us back. Do not stray Christian.. Do not stray even for a moment. Stay in communication without God and know that He hears you and is reasonable to consider your voice. If you are saved, there is no brick wall that separated you from your King. Know Him. Know His personality. Befriend God.
My response to the Lord:
Lord God, such passages remind me to kneel humbly, for you are great and mighty and indeed you can destroy a nation if need be. If you can do this to your beloved nation Israel, you could certainly bring me low and desolate my life as well should you choose to. I pray I never cause you to feel this is needed with me Father. I have read that you now call me “friend” Jesus. If this is so, then I am taken back by your generosity all the more that someone so undeserving as myself would not only be forgiven for holding the hammer and the nail, but that you would even come to know me as a friend…Wow! God, Thank you for always being here for me. Thank you for allowing me to grow from a child to a man and to walk with you. Thank you for spending my concept of time with me and for sharing with me this wonderful life you have provided. I cannot imagine ever walking away from you, but if even the thought should somehow enter my mind, Lord I ask you to quickly correct me and return me to the path that leads to righteousness. Do not oh God allow me to walk so far from the path that only devastation could bring me back. I pray these things humbly in your name Jesus.


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