10-30-10 HighQuest Revelation 2:1-7

November 3, 2010

The passage I read was Revelation 2:1-7
You can find that passage here:

My summary of the passage is this:
Jesus himself dictates this evaluation of the church of Ephesus. He commends them for their deeds, perseverance, and for testing and finding false apostles (calling them out). The problem is that they have done these things because of a sense of duty instead of a sense of love. They did not have agape. This is a love that depends not on the condition or attractiveness of being with the one that is loved, but rather it is dependent upon the condition of the heart from which it flows forth unconditionally. It is the love that Christ showed us and that we are to in turn show the world (john 13:34). This band of brothers had forgotten this love and thus they were commended for works and some of their view points but they were rebuked for turning away from love. As a result of losing this Godly love, they also lost love for one another even as brothers (phileo). It is quite possible that their testing of everyone created an atmosphere of distrust where love could no longer grow. Jesus then tells them to 1 – remember their former condition (love), 2 – repent (turn from current unlove), and 3 – love again. Jesus then tells them that if they don’t repent they will die (there is now no church at Ephesus). Then there is a promise to the one that would overcome (anyone who would actually repent and find their ability to love again) that they should eat of the tree of life (have eternal life). There is a reward offered to each church in fact should they individually choose to overcome.
As I reflect:
I can totally feel the weight of my sin of judgment in this passage. I see a church that was very similar in thought to myself. There is a Word and it must be followed to the T. That’s me. I want to follow the Word of God exactly as it was written and unfortunately I often end up judging others that don’t have that same desire. I can see where that moved this church to a lack of love. And as if the loss of love wasn’t scary enough to think about, the church was also destroyed and is no more as a result. I mean I have all the motivation in the world already and have been fully convicted by the Holy Spirit to get a grip on my judgment issues. I have been working on it and believe there is an improvement that has been made for sure. But this is a reminder to me that not only should I continue to get unrighteous judgment molded out of my life, but also I need to keep a focus on loving unconditionally those very same persons or genres that I currently struggle with judging. It’s just like Jesus was telling them. It’s not enough just to repent of the sin, but one also needs to go to the root of that sin and replace it with the good that belongs there too. My unrighteous judgment must fully cease and be fully replaced with love. It is not enough to just stop judging people.
My response to the Lord:
I am thankful that you are working on my heart Lord. I am thankful for a circle of accountability to help me along this path. Though I have recognized that I have an issue with judgment, I had not really paid much attention to any other areas that may have been affected by that. I now know that my love for others has also b3een hurt as a result of my allowing judgment into my life. Knowing now, I ask not only that you would continue to rid my life of all unrighteous judgment, but also that you would replace it with love Lord. Please help me to learn to love others as you have loved me Father. In Jesus name.


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