11-05-10 HighQuest Genesis 15:12-16 and Exodus 3:1-10

November 7, 2010

The passages I read were Genesis 15:12-16 and Exodus 3:1-10
You can find those passages here:
and here:

My summary of the passages is this:
In the first passage Abram (later Abraham) goes into a deep sleep and dreams the Lord comes to him with a promise that for 400 years his descendants will be enslaved and mistreated in a country not their own. The Lord says he will punish that country and save them from there, giving them great possessions. He also tells Abram that he will have a long and peaceful life.
In the second passage, just over 400 years have passed now and the Lord comes to Moses in a burning bush, told him to take off his shoes (holy ground) and then said that He was concerned about the people’s sufferings. He told Moses that He has come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey. He then sends Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.
As I reflect:
I was tempted at first to simply say this Bible study has the obvious meaning that God never forgets His promises and He is faithful to keep them, but that doesn’t really say how I can apply it to my own life (which should be the goal when one reads the Word). For me, I can say this tackles my impatience. The Lord confirmed in me and my wife about 6 years ago that we were to work in ministry. Though we minister as we can when we can and pretty much where ever we go, we haven’t actually gotten to step into a ministry with a full time role of any kind. Here I am 6 years later searching for an internship in ministry and finding a great deal of difficulty at times. I must not begin to doubt what God has confirmed in us. It is simply a matter of time and finding the right ministry. I know that He has an open door somewhere because He is faithful. I know that He will lead me to it if I just keep seeking, because He is faithful. I know that Moses (though scared and requiring help from his bro) did do what God said and because of that, God was faithful all through the process. As He is being faithful with us also. We continue the search and He makes sure my family and I are well taken care of financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. He has surrounded us with true friends that care and check up on us and are happy to be held accountable and to hold us accountable. He really has taken care of every excuse that one could come up with to run away from this search. He has labeled the hallway and set me on a path of trying door handles as I walk through it. One of them will open. That’s the one I’m going to keep looking for. I know Moses felt like giving up so many times. I have felt that way too. “Oh I can just get a telemarketing job, or move to the beach and do labor till I find something in my comfort zone, or go into sales, or customer service call centers”. But these are the areas God trained me in, not the areas He called our future to. As the Lord is faithful to bring us to completion, I must also be faithful to attempt to be the product He has called me to be. Being in front of people instead of being on the phone at a desk is out of my comfort zone. Just as publicly speaking was out of the stuttering Moses’ comfort zone.
My response to the Lord:
Holy Father, thank you so much for this study tonight. I had no idea what reflection was going to bring. Now I feel revived and reassured that I’m right where you want me. Lord please forgive my sins and lead me away from temptations. Please continue to mold and sanctify me through your Holy Spirit. Please never cease in guiding me to your perfect will for this life. Help me to focus and take one foot in front of the other; one knob after the other, until I come to your will. Do not allow me to fall into a comfort zone like the days of ole. I prayed and you have taken that away confirming that a different direction is what you have for me. Lord help me to find the right door. Take my hand Abba, for I cannot even breath without you. Help me not to settle for what the world calls success, but to continually keep my eyes on you that this storm would not stop me from finding the other side of the valley. Lord I praise and worship you for all your wonder. You are glorious Lord.


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