01-18-11 HighQuest John 21:15-22

January 19, 2011

The passage I read was John 21:15-22

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

Jesus asks Peter to compare his love for Him with that of the disciples.He says, “do you love me more than these?”To which Peter says yes and that He does love Jesus.Jesus asks him two more times if he loves Him and both times Peter responds again that He does in fact love Jesus.Jesus also instructed Peter 3 fold to take care of His sheep/lambs.Jesus then goes on to speak with Peter about his future almost as if in a riddle indicating the kind of death that Peter would have.Then Peter notices John is following them and he asks Jesus about John.Jesus advises Peter that it’s not Peter’s business.

These are my words.Please read the passage for yourself and write it as it has meaning to you.

As I reflect:

I see this passage as being about two major areas.One is about comparison to others.The other area is about comparison to self (in a way).Peter, if you recall is the one who denied Jesus thrice before the cock crowed.3 times before Jesus’ death, Peter was asked if he knew Jesus and all three times he denied the Lamb of God.This passage in chapter 21 however takes place after Jesus’ death and resurrection.And so as Jesus here asks him 3 times if he loved Him because I believe He wanted to offer Peter a chance at restoration and to encourage him in the road that would follow.3 times now Peter had to affirm His love to Jesus (2 different types of love also.The Greek used implied he was asked of brotherly love as well as of agape).Each time Peter responded, Jesus followed his response with a command to feed or take care of His sheep or lambs.This shows the Lord giving Peter reassurance and encouraged direction.Peter eventually gives his all to the ministry for Jesus and is killed by crucifixion.So Peter went from life of selfishness to life of selfless servitude for Christ. This is the restoration Jesus offers us all.I was offered this restoration from being a fake that did drugs and all sorts of evils and yet claimed Christ as my Savior.I have been restored and encouraged.I have been given opportunity to serve Christ with my life.I am reminded as Peter looked back at John, that we needn’t compare ourselves, our deeds or failures with other Christians or the unsaved.We instead are to follow after Christ wholeheartedly and in the pursuit of the Kingdom, may we reach and bring with us as many as we can as well as edify and encourage those already headed to the same place.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, I can’t lie to you, nor do I have desire to.You know my sins.You know my heart.You know that judgment is a area of sin in my life that requires and receives a great amount of attention and constant effort to control.Lord continue to mold me in this and help me daily not to judge others saved or unsaved any differently than by the mercy and grace you have shown me.Thank you for restoration Lord.You deserve all praise and worship for simply being you, but may I add that I will give you glory always for the restorative work you have done and continue to do in and through me.I have heard your call to follow you and I daily answer.Lord help me to answer more boldly and do more as the day of your son’s return draws near.May I stay humble, not ashamed.May I be effective by your might, not my weakness.May I be lifted up on your wings, not my pride.In Jesus name.


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