01-20-11 HighQuest John 1:43-51

January 23, 2011

The passage I read was John 1:43-51

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

Jesus calls Philip to follow Him.Philip tells Nathanael he has found Jesus (whom Moses and the prophets spoke about).Nathanael has doubt but comes to see.Jesus convinces Nathanael easily by telling him where he was before Philip came to speak to him and Nathanael then confesses Jesus as the Son of God.Jesus explains that Nathanael will see far greater things than what he has just seen.

Again, this is just my summary of the passage.Please read the passage for yourselves also as I am not qualified to summarize for your life’s messages from God the very word He has given.Seek Him for yourselves too. J

As I reflect:

In this passage we see the prejudice of Nathanael against anything good coming from Nazareth.I haven’t done the research, but in context this seems to point to Nazareth being viewed in a generally poor light.Thankfully, Nathanael goes to see this Jesus in person anyway.I would hope others that may negatively view that I am telling them of Jesus’ love for them might also overcome their prejudice long enough to come and meet Jesus.Also, we see that Nathanael was under the fig tree.This I have researched and was actually a common phrase among teachers (rabbi) to represent meditation on the scriptures.So it is possible that Nathanael was either physically sitting under a fig tree when Philip came to find him, or that Nathanael was spending time with God and Jesus tells him, “I saw you” there.We know either way that we are always seen by God.We are seen when raying and when not.In this thought I take the daily application to not attempt impressing God in church as He sees you when you cut people off in the parking lot afterwards to race home to idolize your favorite football team and lust after the girlie on the commercial during the break too.God sees you always, therefore be always reverent before the Lord and living in such a manner as to welcome Him to work through you and be present in what you spend your time doing.

Also in this passage, Jesus references a portion of scripture found in Genesis 28 where Jacob has a dream about a ladder from earth to Heaven and angels ascending and descending upon it.There are a lot of studies I found on this all with slightly differing views.I would summarize them all along the key two elements.Jesus compares Nathanael (an honest man) with Jacob (who if you recall lied once to steal a birthright and again to steal a blessing).The second element and perhaps the more daily applicable without going into a study of Jacob’s life and the consequences of being deceitful, is that Jesus’ comparison to the dream about the ladder and Nathanael seeing this come true is all about Nathanael coming to see that Jesus is actually that ladder spoken of.Think about it.Our very existence is separated from God because we are born into sin.I can come to God and pray why?I am forgiven of my sins why?I am getting into Heaven how?Jesus is the ladder that bridged the gap between earth and Heaven (for those that would come to know Him as Lord and repent that is).Daily we can know that God will hear us when we call, not because we deserve it, but because Jesus paid it all.We have been made into a right relationship with God because of Jesus Christ’s blood sacrifice that covered our sins whole.This is what Nathanael would live to see that was greater than Jesus simply telling him where he was and what he was doing just a moment before Philip showed up to get him.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, I do not serve you nearly as diligently as one ought.I say I have given you my whole life and so often I find that I am still holding on to parts that I must relinquish control of to you.My life is not worthy of the great gifts that you have given from your Son to my very breath.I thank you and praise you for providing my livelihood Father.I know at times I have shown prejudice in my life for one thing or another and I know there have been times I was proven wrong.Lord may you help me to separate prejudice and discernment and judgment that I may be more useful. Lord see me beneath the fig tree spending time with you and prepare me by your Holy Spirit to go out into the world and share your Gospel.I want others to know that the gap between man and God is bridged through the person of Jesus Christ.I want to explain without fear or cowardice that Jesus is the ladder between earth and Heaven and that there is no other way.And finally Lord, I pray that I would not forget for even a moment that I am always under your supervision; that I am always being watched, protected, and guided by you.May my life reflect this truth appropriately. In Jesus name.Amen


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