01-25-11 HighQuest Luke 6:39-45

January 26, 2011

The passage I read was Luke 6:39-45

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

This passage speaks to several areas. Jesus is speaking on not judging others, not being a hypocrite, how to help your fellow person, and also the results of the state of your heart.

There are several key verses that stand out to me in this passage:

39”He also told them this parable: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?”

40”The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”

43”No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.”

As I reflect:

What a large area of coverage in such a short area of the Word. Here I am reminded that if my walk is not made right with God, how am I to lead someone else in their walk with God. This would be like a false prophet leading you into a real relationship with Jesus. This just isn’t likely. A good daily application for this is to remember to always pray before your day has begun that the Lord would do His works through you and that we would not be hindered by the flesh and be distracted from God’s will by our own. Verse 40 also speaks somewhat to that fact in that if my master or teacher be God, then shouldn’t that be reflected in me? I should do as Jesus. I should seek to reach out to the lost but I should also be sure that my foundation in Christ is secure if I am to attempt to help someone else in building their foundation on Christ. I should be sure that if a brother (or sister) need help in any given area, that it is not an area that my own sin nature is currently struggling with before I am able to offer help. The third area spoken of here is the fruit that we bear. Verse 43 – 45 speak of how our actions and words will bear witness to what type of person we are. We (a tree) will bear fruit (words and actions and the results of those words and actions) while we are in this world. Others will look at those fruit to see what type of tree we really are. For instance, if you say that you are a Christian, it is expected that your life will bear fruit that resembles Our Lord’s grace, mercy, understanding, patience, and many other characteristics. However, if you say you are a Christian but live just like the rest of the lost sheep, then there is no truth in you and you deceive yourself. We can tell by the fruit what kind of tree someone is. Also, we are reminded to mind our words. For just as actions and characteristics can be fruit that bear witness to your type of tree, words can bear witness to your heart. If your heart is evil, we will know by your words. And if your heart is good (because the Holy Spirit dwells within you) than this too will be heard in your words.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, may I be ever mindful of the state of my heart and my walk with you before opening my mouth or reaching out to another. Because I am a wretch and incapable of any good without you, Father I welcome your Holy Spirit always to speak and work through me as only you can. Let my life bear witness to my heart’s belief in you and may my actions bear witness to our relationship and salt the oats so that others may hunger and thirst for you because of the example you have made me. Lord, I pray that I may always bear good fruit; an outward result of your work inward on me. In Jesus name.


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