01-26-11 HighQuest John 17:13-21

January 28, 2011

The passage I read was John 17:13-21

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

I just cannot seem to summarize this passage no matter what I try. I end up making it longer every time I put it in my words.

The verse that most stood out to me was verse 15. In this verse Jesus says, “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.”

As I reflect:

Two things really stood out to me in this passage. One was all about our separation from the world and how that works. The other was all about our unity with other believers and how that works. Together the two are communicating a clarifying message regarding our purpose as believers. I read that we are not being prayed for by Jesus that we would be taken out of the world but rather that we would be kept from the evil one. I believe this is clarifying to the many that have surrounded themselves by Christians and only attend Christian events and only go to places where other Christians are and only do “Christian” things. If you are one of these people, you have given me a very bad rep with the world. You see when someone hears that I am a Christian, they often immediately define me as someone who thinks I’m better than them and that I’m too breakable (like fine china) to be around them and their activities. And while we are not to sin or to allow the temptations of the evil one to enter into our hearts, this is not an indication that we are to hide from the evil that is in the world. Quite the opposite in fact. We are the hands and feet of the Lord here. Though we are not “of” the world, we are “in” it and with good purpose meant to be. If the only things we do and the only places we go are all labeled as “Christian”, then how to we take part in the great commission and reach out to others? How are we to witness and help those in need if we are wrapped up in our “Christian Bubble” as it were? I believe that we need to ship out into the storms that thrash this way and that and know that Jesus is here with us through His Holy Spirit and we have nothing to fear because He is the ships guide. We are as a ship is to be in the ocean, but not allowing the ocean to be in the ship. We can’t reach those that we shut our eyes to and plug our ears to. Jesus doesn’t pray for an easy life for us here. He prays that we would unify as believers and get the job done without the hindrance of the evil one. He prays the Lord’s empowering upon us.

My response to the Lord:

Lord God, I come before you now knowing that I am in the wrong sooo often. I have a problem and you know that I confess it to you and seek your guidance and help daily. I do not often fall into judgment of the world. As a matter of fact, you know that I am seeking to love the lost. My sin; my failure is far too often that I will judge my fellow believer due to their worldly view. I become angry because I feel that my fellow believer often lives just like the unbeliever or because they are so “Christian” they can’t get off their high chair to reach out to the lost. Lord I spend so much time judging my fellow believer that I forget that you have called me to unify with them. This is hard for me Father. This is my challenge. God, I pray you forgive me for this and not judge me as I have judged others or I should surely be killed. Forgive me and help me to be forgiving of other believers as well. Father please separate judgment from discernment in me that I may better unify and work the harvest with my brother and sister. Father, I am making an effort, but I need your help. I need you to multiply my efforts to see my brethren as you see them. My human eyes are getting in the way far too often and I know I need this fellowship and unity to properly do your will. I know that you have set up the networking of believers in just such a way that it benefits us to spend time with one another. Holy Spirit, guide me daily in remembering your call on me to unify with other believers that we may together do your will here. In Jesus name.


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