02-3-11 HighQuest Matthew 10:24-31

February 5, 2011

The passage I read was Matthew 10:24-31

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

Jesus says (paraphrased) that we are not above the teacher, but like our teacher.Likewise for the unbeliever and how they are like their master (satan).We have nothing to fear of the unbeliever.What we learn from Jesus, proclaim it and don’t fear the enemy.He can kill your body (through the unbeliever) but he cannot kill your soul.But do fear God, for He has command of your body and soul.

You are valued far more than birds and God takes care of them well.So don’t be afraid.

As I reflect:

The persecution I receive for my beliefs is something that not only happens but should be expected.This passage says that we (when fully trained) will be like our teacher.In my case, the Teacher is Jesus Christ and If I am to be like Him, then will I not also receive persecution and perhaps even death as He also received?They called him Beelzebub and believed that the things He did were from the power of Satan.They beat Him, ripped His beard, cut His back wide open, ran nails through hands and feet, and crucified Him.Have I any right to be angry when someone becomes angry with my attempts to introduce them to their own need for Jesus?Seems to me like their anger at me pales, nay disappears entirely when compared to what Jesus went through for me.And I should certainly not be afraid (though this tends to be one of Satan’s tools against me when I’m in the field of the harvest working).I just need to remember several things:Greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world.Fear is of the enemy, so if I feel fear it is because I am a threat and the enemy wants me to cease and desist.I’ll not give him that satisfaction.The person of God that I disciple after was willing to die to reach me.I should be willing at the very least to be persecuted to reach out to others.I needn’t fear this knowing that the Creator of my very existence is in charge and cares deeply for me.He will surely work all things for the good in me because I love Him and I am chosen according to His purpose.

Trapp said, “He that fears God need fear none else.”I love that quote.I think it hits home with me and hopefully with other believers too.Don’t let Satan hold you back from your witness and use fear to drive you away from your calling.Fear only God and do what He has asked of you. Love others, share the good Word.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, too often the fear creeps upon me and stops me from opening my mouth when I am talking with someone that doesn’t know you.I ask for your wisdom and guidance fully Father.I don’t want to push people away from you, of cause them to hater your followers, but at the same time will we not be hated for following you regardless?It’s often hard to discern when to speak and when not to, but I pray that you would build up and strengthen that discernment which you have given me that I would at the very least never keep my mouth closed due to fear or human logic overcoming your calling.May your will be done instead.For this reason I pray for courage and a bold heart in the missions field that you would use me to reach who you will.Lord, speak when you will through me.Reach when you will through me.I pray there be nothing found in me that hinder your use of me for the furthering of your kingdom Father.In your Son’s name.


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