02-25-11 Highquest 1 John 2:1-6

February 27, 2011

The passage I read was 1 John 2:1-6

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

There are three main ingredients I see John presenting in this passage:

1-If we say we know Him, then we must be a follower of His commands and do as He did.

2-If we make mistakes in that and sin, we have an advocate and atoning sacrifice.

3-If however we do obey His words, then love for God is truly made complete in us.

As I reflect:

1 John deals with sin quite a bit. John says none of us can live totally sinless, but then in this chapter clarifies that that doesn’t in any way mean that we “must” sin. The point isn’t condemnation at all, but rather grace and empowerment by the Holy Spirit who is capable of giving you victory over your sin. The passage here can easily be misinterpreted I believe as having to obey commands to be a disciple, but that would make our salvation performance based. That’s not what John is saying here. Rather, once we are saved (as a byproduct of salvation) we will desire in discipleship to obey our Master. This is why obedience to the Word is equated with the love of God being made truly complete in us. I can also apply this to my marriage.

My wife is lovely in every way to me and far beyond what I could ever earn in a partner. I as a husband have choices to make daily on how I act while in this marriage with her. I have to daily choose whether or not to be a complete jerk of a selfish husband or to be a giving and loving sacrificial spouse. The choice is freely mine to make and though she may not divorce me persay, if may seem as though she had should I ever chose the complete jerk approach. There is also a great deal of accountability that will come with acting in such a manner in my marriage. However, because of my great and deep love for her I can not only say that I would die for her, but that I would die daily of my selfish desires to better serve her as a husband and man of God. This is my choice. I know she wouldn’t leave me if I acted otherwise, but what desire do I have to hurt whom I love? Wouldn’t I be a liar if I told you I loved her but then treated her like trash? I would be lying if I told you I loved her and then made plans to cheat on her with another woman. My actions portray beyond just my words how much I love my wife. It is the same with my God. My actions more than my words will show how I love Him and how I receive His love. Because I live in Christ, I obey His word and I (through His Holy Spirit) follow after Him.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, I am your spouse. I am your bride and you have made me glad. What could I say then to love you back when your actions to purchase me by the blood of your Lamb have spoken so much louder than your words alone? May my actions in life be as loud in showing my love for you and thankfulness for saving me from hell and from condemnation here. May I live a sacrificial life of servitude for you. May I be obedient always to your word not because I am otherwise unable to be saved, but because I want to offer of myself freely to the One who has made me glad. I thank you for my Advocate. I thank you that on the final day, when I am judged in your courtroom, the accuser will stand dumbfounded that though I be guilty of every accusation, I be released into the care of the One that already paid my debt that I might spend eternity in your light Father. It is in the name of my sinless Advocate Jesus Christ that I pray. Amen.


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