03-19-11 HighQuest 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

March 21, 2011

The passage I read was 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

Paul explains here the value and definition of Love. He explains with a great many gifts and strengths that it can all mean nothing without love because of its superiority over the other gifts..

As I reflect:

I often fail at love when it comes to others. Specifically this Godly love that is self sacrificing; I haven’t got that down yet. This passage describes sacrifice and other duties of emotion as being useless if one doesn’t do them in love. I am a bit torn here and ought not to be. I often find that the things I do for God and the sacrifices made are things that I want to do and sacrifice out of love for Him Who Saved me from my sins. My motivation for family and friends seem to stem from a much more selfish place though. Often doing for my kids out of a since of pride in a job well done is a failure of mine as a father and example of Christ in my home. Often doing for my wife I also find selfish motivations. Oddly my family is self sacrificing for me. Thank God for teaching them outside of my bad examples.

I read this passage all about love and as I go through each word of description I am hit by the weight of my failure. No, I’ll not wallow in self pity or guilt, but certainly I can use this as an opportune reminder of areas that need my (and more importantly God’s) attention in this life. I require more molding here. Emotion, sacrifice, compassion have I plenty. I lack Godly love in ways that are not pleasing to me to examine. For some time I have been working on the sin of judgment. I believe this issue with self sacrificing love is as a direct result of the sin of judgment in my life. If I hypothesize correctly then as my sin of judgment decreases I should note the gift of Godly and selfless love increasing as my motivation. So for daily application I’ll simply continue to work on and ask God to mold me in these areas and then keep an open eye and ear paying careful attention to my motivation and genuine love of others.

My response to the Lord:

Heavenly Father, I desire to be fully transparent not only to you but also to those here in the flesh that they may see you working in me and desire the same in their lives. Today as I read your word, I was reminded of an area that has much room for growth; an opportunity to be molded by your hands. Father, as I understand the analogy, I am but a lump of clay being shaped by you. Sure, I once had a shape but it was indecent and sinful and so you broke me down piece by piece to rebuild me. And now as you deliberately shape me for your use, I request that you would help me to be less judgmental and more loving in the same way that you have loved me. I am clay in your hands Father – mold me. I am water Father – direct me. I am Iron Father – sharpen me. I am a precious metal Father – purify me. In Jesus name. Amen


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