03-23-11 HighQuest Romans 12:9-21

March 24, 2011

The passage I read was Romans 12:9-21

You can find that passage here:


My summary of the passage is this:

Here Paul gives what could be looked at almost as a checklist for what love looks like in action. Almost every sentence of this passage is a do or don’t do of the action of loving others. It would be difficult for me to choose a favorite verse from this passage as every verse carries such useful truth and power in it. (Especially if actually used/applied in your life)

As I reflect:

I thought I’d put this passage in checklist format to better break it down, but when I did that I came up with 16 things that can’t be done without God. Writing it out in a list did help me to see that some things in the passage were not part of the list of do’s and don’ts but instead they were the proof or product of the do’s and don’ts. It’s good to know the byproduct of something because that is what will help you to measure the success of that thing. In this case the thing is how to put love into action and some of the proofs are along the lines of who you associate with and on what level you think of them. Another proof of love in action is deeds of kindness toward those that we are typically taught to hate as a society (for example – your enemies). There are of course many other proofs of love being put into action, but just from the few proofs given in this passage I can examine my life and see what has already been made an obvious truth that must be corrected in my life…. I love too little or often for the wrong reasons. There is nothing more I can do than to daily confess this as the study on love continues, and daily pray, and daily remain mindful of my thoughts/words/actions as I struggle to see others through the Lord’s eyes. May He continue the work begun in me, for I am surely incapable of loving as I ought without the Lord‘s further working in and through me.

Below is the first list I wrote down today if you were interested in it, but I’d invite you not to focus too much on the list of do’s and don’ts lest you enter into the mindset of salvation by works. Instead, may you learn as I am learning to love genuinely because He first loved us and has worked a great work in our hearts that we might reach others as He reached us.

Love must be sincere

Hate evil

Cling to good

Be devoted to and honor one another above yourself

Be joyful in hope

Be patient in affliction

Be faithful in prayer

Practice hospitality and sharing with those in need

Bless your persecutors

Live in harmony with one another

Don’t be proud or conceited

Do what is right in the eyes of everyone

Live at peace with everyone.

Don’t take revenge (it is God’s)

Feed and offer drink to those in need (even your enemy)

Overcome evil with good.

My response to the Lord:

Lord, I thank you that salvation is by faith in your grace and by that grace alone may I be saved. For I am very aware of my inability to otherwise be perfect as you are perfect. I have not the faintest chance of Heaven without your Son Whom saved me. My your Holy Spirit continue to work in me this week as I am improved and honed for your work Father. May I be reminded daily/hourly to stay humble and love others by actions and not be a hypocrite. Help me to walk in this and not just read it and forget it Lord. In Jesus Name I pray.


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