04-04-11 HighQuest John 14:25-31

April 5, 2011

The passage I read was John 14:25-31

You can find that passage here:


The verse that most stood out to me:

27Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

As I reflect:

Me and my wife spoke and reflected on this passage for quite some time.We were considering mainly the ideals of what specific peace it was that Jesus left with his disciples and also with us.We also spent time discussing why this peace was and is still today needed.And finally, we spent time considering the difference in how the world gives vs. how Jesus gives.This is the conclusion of that reflective time.

Jesus had just broke the news to His disciples that He was leaving and it left a whirlwind of confusing emotions in his disciples, who up to this point where picturing Jesus as a King of the Jews and they were likely awaiting the time that Jesus would over throw the current leaders and take over and reign (expecting I’m sure to reign with Him as highly ranked servants).Though Jesus does in fact reign, the take over and change of control on earth was expected far too soon as Jesus first had the mission of taking our punishment, and overcoming death that we may have life.In the wake of this great news, Jesus here is gently and lovingly correcting and guiding the very human reactions from His disciples.He is explaining that their worries are actually selfish as they should be happy that Jesus is going back to the Father.Atop that, He is also sending His advocate, the Holy Spirit.So this is a time for rejoicing over the coming victories and empowerment by the Spirit and not a time for worry, fear, and sorrow.Jesus offers His peace… The Bible tells us that this peace is one that passes all understanding.So even though the disciples didn’t fully understand yet why Jesus had to do what must be done, they received peace that didn’t need that understanding to be effective.Likewise we today often cling to this peace when we are in emotional or spiritual turmoil that may reach beyond our understanding.Rarely does God reach into those times and simply provide the meaning of it all, but rather upon a praying request, He often grants peace despite the tremendous storm.When God gives us peace, I am thankful that it is not given in the same manner as the world gives.For when the world gives, there is always a selfish motive behind it.They give in exchange for money, service, pride, show, self worth…. But so rarely is Godly giving seen when someone gives for no other reason than because someone else could receive and be blessed by that receipt.This is how we are given God’s peace.It is not earned and has already been paid for.May we all turn first to God in everything that we may keep a peace that is free and requires not understanding.

My response to the Lord:

Dear God, you are so giving; so caring to consider the lowly and to freely give so great a gift as peace.I am the lowly and I am humble before you as I walk through this trial and testing of my faith.I remember still as though it were yesterday that I lost my job and though I have at times fell victim to worry, anxiety, and fear, you have remained faithful and your advocate has always quickly kept me from wavering and walking off the path.Lord, though I know not where you are taking me and my family, I trust you because you have given to me the peace that passes all understanding.The world would look at me and think me a fool for so surely looking to your will for our life.But though I have not a great explanation for the many that look from the outside in, I have a most powerful calming peace that is freely given from the One who looks from the inside out.Thank you for your grace and your mercy.Thank you for peace in this storm.Thank you for your Advocate, and your Son in whose name I pray.Amen.


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