03-26-06 He Created Us Anyway

April 26, 2011

How incredible it is to live of a light we are undeserving of. I think of how our God sees us in this world of sin and loves us regardless. I think of how He called each of us according to His will. I ponder on what little view I have of the great plan which He has. To have created this being, the homo Sapien, standing erect to be a reflection of the creator in all that it does; God knowing full well that we would fall into a mire of sin and that we would turn away from Him in disobedience, still chose to create us. For what purpose? As a Christian, I know my purpose is to reflect Him to this world and to grow in closeness to Him; to glorify Him. I know that I am to show love and to be fruitful and to make disciples of all nations and yet I still ponder the larger question: If this is my purpose, then it is to say that there will be those that fail in connecting to God (even though He has laid a bridge for the gap that sin caused) and they will spend an eternity in the hell fire. Other wise, I would have no calling to reach them. But, God knew this before creation. He knew that his created would fail and be torn away from their relationship with Him. He knew that because of His own just and perfect nature, the sin in us would cause separation and eternal damnation. He knew that there would be those that after realizing this fact, would still turn away from Him and run to the opposer. He knew that His creation would accept Satan, reject God, and cause their own eternal demise. And yet, He created the creation anyway. Without placing any correction on this seeming design flaw that He knew we would have. Why?

Why give life by a spirit, and the free will to choose from good and bad if He knew that so many would choose a path that led to destruction? The question has perplexed me since childhood.  I’ve asked those in the authority of many churches under God and have received many answers, ranging from, “for His glory”, to, “how can you question the perfect plan of God?”. These are not answers though. They are way around answering what one may choose not to admit they don’t know the answer to. I have pondered long enough and searched scripture long enough to come to many of my own non-conclusive answers. Theories. That’s all they are. It is not detrimental to my choice to serve the almighty King, that I receive one single, final conclusive answer that brings understanding on this. That, I believe is my conclusion. I have known the Lord for some time and have come to know a portion of His personality through both experience and the scriptures. I love, fear, and trust in Him. I can say this not only because the Bible tells me I can trust Him, but because He has reveled it to me in life’s experiences. He has shown that His sovereignty can be trusted in. And, by that very nature will I know that He has purpose in the creation of the human race that is beyond my understanding or knowledge. Knowing that it is not detrimental to my walking with the Lord, I have to choose faith.  I have to understand that there will be things that I don’t understand. You see, because I am a human, I often have the desire to be in control of not only myself, but also everything around me (and if you are honest, this is probably true of you too).  I have a curiosity which can be a positive thing but often drags me into researching what I need not know. Things that can drag me down if I let them and can cause me to involve myself in meaningless argument and quarreling. These things, I must let go. I must lay them at the foot of the cross and say to my Lord, “I need only you. I do not need to be in control of your plan. I need only follow the guidelines you have given me in this plan as to fulfill your purpose for me in your timing. I trust in you. Fully.”


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